On parla des passions

“Ce sont les vents qui enflent les voiles du vaisseau, repartit l’ermite; elles le submergent quelquefois; mais sans elles il ne pourrait voguer.”

Voltaire, Francois Marie Arouet (1694-1778), French philosopher, writer

Were this world an endless pain

“Were this world an endless pain, and by sailing eastward we could forever reach new distances, and discover sights more sweet and strange than any Cyclades or Islands of King Solomon, then there were promise in the voyage.”

Herman Melville (1819 – 1891), Moby Dick

Give a man …

“Give a man a horse he can ride,
Give a man a boat he can sail;
And his rank and wealth, his strength and health
On sea nor shore shall fail.”

James Thomson (1834 – 1882) Scottish poet, essayist