Spam – It wasn't me!

The last couple of days I’ve been receiving a huge amount of spam. Or better said, a huge amount of replies to spam, ?failure notices and ?Delivery Status Notifications: “could not deliver your message”.

Apparently some evil bastard has been doing a spam-run using (random user) as a sender. And because I (used to) receive all mail sent to, all undeliverable mail is returned to me. I can’t imagine how many mails did get delivered. What a bastard this spammer is, for messing up my domain, and so many people’s mailboxes!

(I got some personal, not to friendly, replies too. Now why on earth would one send a reply to an obvious spammer? To let him know your email address is valid, and you’re ready to be spammed some more??)

Total nonsense

The thing all the original messages have in common is a total nonsense message-body and this receipt:

Received: from (HELO (
by 0 with SMTP; 3 Jun 2007 08:03:39 -0000

Probably this is just a pre-spam spam run, to clean up some email database by pumping shit through millions of addresses. Or whatever.

I am sorry… Not!

So, to anyone who received spam from (any address) (other than bas@ or chris@ of course): I’m sorry the online world is still such a messy place where bastards like this just keep doing their evil thing. But it wasn’t me.

And to all others involved, like the incompetent prick maintaining the server on, and especially the evil bastard doing this spamrun: I feel sorry for you, now GFY!